There are many factors to consider when choosing the right construction contractor for your next project. Similarly, there are many differences that we believe set us apart from other companies. Once you consider them, we think you’ll arrive at the most logical choice: working with Central Interiors.

Our central focus

Unlike traditional, large construction companies who are involved in multiple types of renovations and construction, Central Interiors specializes in interior renovations in New York.

Our unsurpassed experience and knowledge of building codes

We leverage decades of construction experience and in-depth knowledge of New York City building codes to help eliminate the discrepancy between design intent, detailed drawings and specifications, and actual conditions. We are not only adept at identifying any issues, but on proposing options and solutions to address them.

Our comprehensive knowledge

We understand the business of building managers, facility managers, retailers, hotels and restaurants, and integrate this into how we work. We know how to complete renovation projects in occupied areas. We know the quality of finishes expected. We know your expectations and how to help you meet and exceed them.

Our competitive pricing

We assess pricing from sub-contractors against the option of self-performing a wide range of tasks, including carpentry, plaster, taping, masonry, and fire protection, selecting the best option for our clients and their budgets.

More direct control over scheduling

Since carpentry drives the critical path of most renovations, by directly managing this key element, we can organize each component of the work to optimize the construction schedule.

More scheduling flexibility

By self-performing many tasks, we can more flexibly react to schedule changes due to your guest needs or unforeseen conditions – without being hindered by scheduling conflicts from sub-contractors.

Our partners’ on-site presence

Since our partners are involved from start to finish, decisions can be made quickly and effectively, always with regard to balancing priorities of cost, timing and overall quality to achieve our shared goals.

Our well-established reputation for fairness and honesty

We are known to clients, architects and sub-contractors as being honest and fair.

Our unrelenting commitment to safety

The safety and well-being of our team and our clients is our highest priority.

Your satisfaction is essential to us

We are relationship focused and will ensure you are satisfied with all of our work, well after a single project is complete.

We shape our buildings,

thereafter they shape us.

Sir Winston Churchill